Inclusiveness in marketing images

The goal of most marketing materials (websites, brochures and more) is to appeal to the target market and build a positive brand image. Personally, I believe companies also have a social responsibility. Much marketing is seen by those well beyond the target market, and can influence the ways we see ourselves and each other. It … Continue reading Inclusiveness in marketing images

Welcome to the Zestee Blog

Welcome to the Zestee blog - this is a treasure trove of around a decade of my favourite topics, articles, resources, book reviews, summaries of events I've been to and more.  You can navigate by scrolling, or via the category and archive dropdowns in the sidebar (or below if you are on a mobile device). … Continue reading Welcome to the Zestee Blog

2019 Digital Marketing Trends

Digital Marketing has undergone some really interesting changes in the last decade. I started Zestee in 2008 with a focus on social media training, as back then, it was a totally new trend. Much of my time was spent explaining to entrepreneurs what Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and other platforms were and why they should be … Continue reading 2019 Digital Marketing Trends

2016 IBMS IMC (International Marketing Communication)

From 2016-2017, I was one of the lecturers in the IMC - International Marketing Communication or Integrated Marketing Communication. Description from the study guide: This course presents the techniques, supporting theories and the strategic and tactical decision making processes involved in integrated marketing communications. Integrated marketing communications means integrating all promotional tools along with other … Continue reading 2016 IBMS IMC (International Marketing Communication)

How to Leverage Psychology for Online Marketing Success

Marketing professionals must understand how people think and behave. Success depends on grasping what motivates an audience to buy. A basic understanding of psychology principles can help businesses reach and engage their targets in ways that ultimately result in sales. Photo 1: Courtesy of, licensed under CC0 Public Domain Appeal to Emotions Companies often … Continue reading How to Leverage Psychology for Online Marketing Success

The Gruen Transfer – a fun way to learn more about advertising

A series first broadcast by the ABC (Australian Broadcasting Corporation) in 2008 and ran for four seasons until 2011.  The Gruen Transfer celebrates the brilliance of advertising, questions the ethics and overall gives an entertaining but educational insight into the industry. Unfortunately, if you're outside Australia, you're not able to view current episodes online, but the good news … Continue reading The Gruen Transfer – a fun way to learn more about advertising

The Power of Storytelling Event Highlights

  The Power of Storytelling: Helen Kuyper at the WBII: Women's Business Initiative The Hague A friend of mine once mentioned that you should follow your "sparks".  For everyone, there are special words in conversations, or articles you read that "jump" out at you.  Storytelling does that to me.  Though the concept has been around since the … Continue reading The Power of Storytelling Event Highlights

Marketing Buzzwords You Should Leverage in Your Campaigns

“A buzzword is a word or phrase used to impress, or one that is fashionable. Buzzwords often originate in jargon or are neologisms.” – Wikipedia Buzzwords – love them or hate them they’re here to stay! That, however, doesn’t mean you should collect a bunch of buzzwords to leverage in your next marketing campaign because … Continue reading Marketing Buzzwords You Should Leverage in Your Campaigns

Nutella social media and marketing case study

  Marketing is getting personal these days - very personal. Nutella is currently running a Facebook campaign here in The Netherlands where you can request a personalised label for a Nutella jar with your own name. After you order via an embedded app on the Nutella Nederland Facebook Page you receive a letter and your label(s) … Continue reading Nutella social media and marketing case study

Most Remarkable Marketing Campaigns Ever

Brands, and especially those huge ones, keep trying to get our attention by creating massive scale marketing campaigns that involve participation from the fans of the brand or the product. Some of these campaigns are more successful than others, for different reasons. We will cover some of the most remarkable marketing campaigns here and examine … Continue reading Most Remarkable Marketing Campaigns Ever

Boost Your Image with the Right Business Card

More than 27 million business cards are printed every day, according to The Design Inspiration. Even with new technology, business cards have yet to become extinct. But just because business cards are being made, doesn't mean they're also being kept. Make sure your cards make it into the right hands — and stay there — … Continue reading Boost Your Image with the Right Business Card

Injecting Address Validation Into Your CRM Veins

If you're already settled in with your customer relationship management software, you may not want to think about incorporating address validation software—after all, it takes time to train your employees on new software and money to purchase it. However, Experian address validation and similar solutions integrate with existing CRM software, such as SalesForce and SugarCMS, … Continue reading Injecting Address Validation Into Your CRM Veins

4 Benefits of Postcard Marketing

Even in today's digital era, direct mail solutions are still stellar opportunities to effectively market to customers. Receiving physical mail leaves a great impression on consumers, since potential customers are able to have a tangible connection with the marketing material. Compared with lengthy advertising in the forms of letters or catalogs, postcards work in today's … Continue reading 4 Benefits of Postcard Marketing