Five reasons I like IKEA


Even before I studied and worked in marketing, I enjoyed analysing WHY I like certain brands. If you’re a business owner, doing the same will help you understand what works and then apply this to your own services.

Here’s five reasons I like IKEA.

1. They cater for most tastes and budgets
The IKEA catalogue is diverse, with a huge range of products for every room of your house. No matter what you have to spend and what style you like, there’s something here that should suit you.

2. Free WiFi
Perhaps this shouldn’t be so high on the list, considering it’s not really what you come here for – but if it wasn’t for this, I would’t be sitting in the cafe writing this blog post right now!

3. The food
The IKEA restaurant serves up a range of well priced, relatively healthy meals at quite unbelievable prices, like the breakfast for 1 euro. Technically, it’s not really “the food” that I love – there is nothing on the menu that I find so delicious that I have to keep coming back. However by making meals that are quick, easy, cheap and tasty enough, the IKEA restaurant becomes a meeting place in it’s own right with friends – and then we usually do a little shopping afterwards.

4. They look after my kids….for free
Any parent will understand that your shopping time with young children is limited. By providing an hour’s free child care, it means that mama or papa is free to shop without interruption – or, from time to time, as I am doing now, sit in the cafe with a coffee. Not only do the kids have a great time, there is even a loyalty card, where after 7 (free!) visits, the kids get a gift!

5. Clear and clever marketing
The IKEA catalogue is near iconic and as I look around the store, all the signage is informative but unintrusive.

Do you like IKEA?  Have I covered your reasons already or do you have more to add in a comment?  Or perhaps you DON’T like IKEA?  As mentioned above, analysing these reasons can give you ideas and inspirations to apply to your own business.


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