Hi, I’m Renee Tentori and I love to connect, communicate and educate.  

People often describe me as enthusiastic and energetic.  I believe my skills in social media and communications give me superpowers, meaning I can thrive on juggling several complimentary short and long term projects.  It may seem overwhelming at first if you don’t know the secrets of social media, but once you know how, it’s easy to “be everywhere at once”…I’d love to teach you!

Based in The Hague, The Netherlands (and previously in Brisbane, Australia), Zestee is my boutique agency, which I began in 2008.  You might like to know that the name “Zestee” reflects a combination of my name and  my zest for life and learning!

Particularly passionate about the potential of social media to give organisations the tools to grow strong communities on a limited budget, I am experienced in sharing this knowledge through consulting, speaking and training.

Other topics I’m interested in and write about include elearning, networking, blogging, expats, leadership and family work balance.  Visit my blog for ideas and inspiration.

You can find me on LinkedIn or connect with me here.