I genuinely enjoy giving presentations and sharing my experiences and knowledge with small or large groups.  I’d be happy to discuss the possibility of being a guest speaker at your next event.   

An experienced speaker, I have dedicated many years to continuing to improve my connection with my audience and deliver my message clearly.  I am a CTM (Toastmasters) and have also successfully completed several other public speaking training programmes.

Particularly as a university lecturer used to teaching “digital natives” who are notorious for being difficult to hold their attention, I often use storytelling and interactive ways of presenting to engage an audience, and have received great feedback from students.

I’m also grateful to a talented friend, speaker trainer Barbara Rogoski, whose book “Boring to Brilliant: A Speaker’s Guide” as well as her personal training has been invaluable.

Audience members and organisers have regularly provided positive feedback and shared that I have inspired them….which inspires me in return!

My topics of expertise include:

  • social media
  • marketing
  • elearning
  • blogging
  • networking
  • intercultural competence
  • family work balance

An overview of my previous presentations can be seen on Slideshare:

I can also provide sample video footage of lectures and presentations.

A native English speaker (from Australia), I am now based in the Netherlands but have travelled before to present and am keen to continue to do so!

I am a huge  live TEDx fan and have attended many events.