How to choose a WordPress theme: ten simple steps

Each WordPress website is completely unique.  However they all use common building blocks to create, one of the main ones being themes.  These are a type of template into which your website will conform.  Every website must have a theme, but the great thing about WordPress is that you can change at any time, and … Continue reading How to choose a WordPress theme: ten simple steps

What is WordPress? The basics.

I've been a WordPress fan since the early days and after extensive research, decided use this CMS (content management system) website/blogging tool for all my websites.  Firstly let's start with some background and basic terms, then move onto the main benefits of WordPress in another post (which I'll link to later). WordPress brief background WordPress … Continue reading What is WordPress? The basics.

Moving from to

Here are 10 steps to move your website from to  Export your content from your account Import your content into a new account Buy a upgrade    Transfer your statistics from your account if you wishDisconnect Jetpack from your account dashboardTransfer your URL/domain Accept your transfer to speed up the processCheck all … Continue reading Moving from to