2022-2023 Hotelschool The Hague

From November 2022 until February 2023, I had the fantastic experience of being a freelance lecturer at Hotelschool The Hague. This highly specialised university offers both Bachelors and Masters education with a focus on hospitality. They were in need of a lecturer/coach for students for the module "Aligning Business & Information" 1-2 days a week. … Continue reading 2022-2023 Hotelschool The Hague

Have you used Microsoft Teams? Thoughts?

Image: Microsoft Teams App on App Store Collaboration on documents and communicating within a team is an ongoing and important tech trend at work. Clear and efficient communication between teams in the same city, or across the world, is crucial to success in today's competitive international business environment. Microsoft have recognised and now addressed this … Continue reading Have you used Microsoft Teams? Thoughts?

Tech Tools – How many apps on your iPhone and how do you organise them?

I recently purchased an iPhone Xs, and as part of the set up found it very convenient to be able to transfer all my apps across automatically from my iPhone SE, including the way I have organised my home screens. How many apps on your phone? How many apps are on your phone? On iPhones, … Continue reading Tech Tools – How many apps on your iPhone and how do you organise them?

2019 Global Entrepreneurship Summit

On Tuesday 4th and Wednesday 5th June 2019, I had the amazing experience of attending the Global Entrepreneurship Summit (#GES2019) in The Hague, the Netherlands. Co-hosted by the governments of the United States and the Netherlands, it showcased the depth and breadth of innovations that are improving lives around the world, and the critical role … Continue reading 2019 Global Entrepreneurship Summit

2019 The Next Web Amsterdam #TNW2019

The Next Web - the "Heart of Technology" - held its 14th annual conference in Amsterdam, the Netherlands on 9 & 10 May 2019. With around 17,500 attendees from all around the world, it was an absolutely epic two days. I spoke with so many incredibly inspiring people - from wonderful WiT (Women in Technology) … Continue reading 2019 The Next Web Amsterdam #TNW2019

Welcome to the Zestee Blog

Welcome to the Zestee blog - this is a treasure trove of around a decade of my favourite topics, articles, resources, book reviews, summaries of events I've been to and more.  You can navigate by scrolling, or via the category and archive dropdowns in the sidebar (or below if you are on a mobile device). … Continue reading Welcome to the Zestee Blog

Xiaomi MiBand Fitness Band Review

I've considered buying a fitness band for some time, such as the Fitbit, but wasn't quite prepared to pay the 100 euro+ price tag.  After attending a presentation a few months ago at The Hague University (where I work part time) on ebusiness in China, I thought I'd try out ordering something from AliExpress.   … Continue reading Xiaomi MiBand Fitness Band Review

Getting to know the new Google Photos

I recently wrote about the fact one of my favourite photo organising programs, Picasa, is being retired by Google, as they are focussing on Google Photos. I'm still finding my way around there, and there have been significant changes in the last month or two.  So I am sharing some of the questions I've had … Continue reading Getting to know the new Google Photos

RIP Picasa Photos, I'll really miss you. I'm not in love with Google Photos yet.

An official blog post last week advised that Google will be "killing" their Picasa Photo product over the coming months.  Of course that's not the words they used, but I'm rather upset so am being a little overdramatic.  This has been one of my favourite programmes on both my Mac and PC over the last … Continue reading RIP Picasa Photos, I'll really miss you. I'm not in love with Google Photos yet.