TU Delft PhD Day – Increasing Visibility for PhDs and Researchers Workshop

On Thursday 25 May, I had the pleasure of facilitating a 2 hour workshop for "PhD Day". Held in the beautiful location of the Schaapskooi in the Delftse Hout, I designed this to be interactive - and with elements outside, as it was such a beautiful day! The superhero masks were part of the inclusion … Continue reading TU Delft PhD Day – Increasing Visibility for PhDs and Researchers Workshop

2023 (May) Welcome to Delft

Today I had the pleasure presenting at the Welcome to Delft event, which as the name clearly reflects, focusses on welcoming newcomers to Delft. ACCESS is a wonderful organisation that has been supporting English speakers in the Netherlands for over 35 years, and organises this event twice a year in conjunction with the Gemeente Delft. … Continue reading 2023 (May) Welcome to Delft

2023 Party4Planet – Earth Day

What a great way to celebrate Earth Day with The Hague Tech! I started with the PlanetJams, and followed this with Party4Planet. This hybrid event brought together climate activists and the community with live music and visual entertainment. Live music from our select DJs blended with 90-second pitches from social activists highlighting pressing climate issues … Continue reading 2023 Party4Planet – Earth Day

2022 Neuroemergence Virtual Conference

Neuroemergence virtual conference 2022 Neuroemergence is a virtual gathering space for neurodivergents and allies to come together, share stories, learn from each other, get inspired and convene as a community.  The international NeuroEmergence event has grown out of the want for people to be able to come together and help build a more neurodivergent friendly … Continue reading 2022 Neuroemergence Virtual Conference

2020 Rise and Lead Summit

The 3rd annual Rise & Lead Summit took place on 24 & 25 September 2020. Last year, I attended this event in The Hague, and this year online. Hybrid event in The Hague Founder and organisers of Rise & Lead, Ebere Akadiri, is originally from Nigeria but now living long term in the Netherlands. She … Continue reading 2020 Rise and Lead Summit

2020 BASE Conference

On 17 and 18 September 2020, I attended the BASE Conference. Last year I very much enjoyed the 2019 BASE Conference Amsterdam, but this year due to COVID, the event was held online. Online conferences With regulations worldwide during this pandemic, many offline conferences converted to online. Scaleups Scaleups Day #1: 17 September The first … Continue reading 2020 BASE Conference

2019 Rise and Lead Summit The Hague

On 19-20 September 2019, I had the pleasure of both attending and speaking at the Rise & Lead Summit in The Hague. This was the second annual summit, now spread over two days instead of one. I was very disappointed to have to miss the 2018 Rise & Lead Summit due to a back injury. … Continue reading 2019 Rise and Lead Summit The Hague

2019 Launch Yourself Event

I attended this personal branding "Launch Yourself Event" at the Park Theatre in Eindhoven, the Netherlands on Monday 24 June 2019. It was aimed at two target groups - those looking for work, and those with their own business. Despite the English language event name, it was held completely in the Dutch language. I'm fairly … Continue reading 2019 Launch Yourself Event

2019 Female Ventures Delft: Double Potential

On Wednesday 12 June 2019, Female Ventures held a lovely event at YES!Delft. It's been a while since I have been at this location and they have grown! This incubator for innovation hosts around 100 startups and scaleups and has a very cool atmosphere. Jasmijn Giohalas, Program Coordinator gave a brief talk. For more info: … Continue reading 2019 Female Ventures Delft: Double Potential

2019 BASE Conference Amsterdam

On 29 May 2019 the first BASE conference was held in Amsterdam at the Parool Theater, The Student Hotel. BASE was born as an acronym for the four pillars needed to grow a business to the next level: Build (relationships & resources), Advance (sales and marketing), Sustain (profitability and growth) and Elevate (innovation). Co Founders … Continue reading 2019 BASE Conference Amsterdam

2019 International City Podium

The ICP (International City Podium) is an annual event to showcase Talent & Career opportunities in The Hague - Rotterdam region and was held this year on 23 May 2019. Organised by the International Community Platform and supported by partners City of The Hague, the World Trade Center The Hague, Universiteit Leiden, and The Hague … Continue reading 2019 International City Podium

2019 WBII First Impressions on LinkedIn

On Thursday 28 March 2019, I had the absolute pleasure of talking to members of the Women's Business Initiative International in The Hague about First Impressions Online and LinkedIn. Petra Fisher was scheduled for this presentation, but sadly was sick, so Lisa Hall asked me to step in at the last moment. I was previously … Continue reading 2019 WBII First Impressions on LinkedIn

2019 Spark Women Amsterdam

The 5th edition of the Spark Conference in Amsterdam helped #entrepreneurs to create, elevate and celebrate today, 26 March 2019. With a fabulous line-up of speakers and panelists, I learned a lot and connected with lots of wonderful women (and a few men). I attended Spark in 2015 and 2016 but had to miss the … Continue reading 2019 Spark Women Amsterdam

Facebook Community Leadership Circles Amsterdam #1

On Saturday 9 February 2019, I attended the first Facebook Community Leadership Circle in Amsterdam. Held at the beautiful and super cool Impact Hub Amsterdam, it was an inspiring and interesting event. Of the 16 community leaders that attended, we calculated that our communities together total almost two million members! This event provided us with … Continue reading Facebook Community Leadership Circles Amsterdam #1

2019 New Business Summit The Hague

On Thursday 7 February 2019, I attended the New Business Summit in The Hague. It was held at the Zuid Holland Provincehuis, an amazing building that I've walked by several times but never been inside....until now! https://youtu.be/9M6_GZaRGvc Hosted by the World Startup Factory, this interesting event brought together startups, stakeholders and investors. Aditya Putta did … Continue reading 2019 New Business Summit The Hague

2018 Rise and Lead Women Summit The Hague

Two months from today, on 27 September 2018, I'll be attending and speaking at the Rise and Lead Women Summer in The Hague.  With an amazing list of speakers, you can grab a great deal on early bird tickets, but still get a bargain on full price tickets if you miss out.  Student ticket prices … Continue reading 2018 Rise and Lead Women Summit The Hague

2018 Feedback Fruits Education Inspiration Day Amsterdam

Yesterday (20 June 2018), I had the pleasure of spending time with the FeedbackFruits team and other educators in Amsterdam at the "FeedbackFruits Education Inspiration Day" where I spoke about my own research about "How can elearning enhance study success..." The event was held in the very trendy "FreedomLab" in Amsterdam (yes, that is a … Continue reading 2018 Feedback Fruits Education Inspiration Day Amsterdam

2018 Ideas from Europe Final, The Hague

Yesterday I had the absolute pleasure of attending the #ideasfromeurope final in The Hague.  Two years ago, I attended this event, which was then TEDxBinnenhof.  Again it was held in the spectacular #ridderzaal (Knight's Hall) in #thehague. Twelve innovative ideas were showcased, each addressing global challenges: Modern antenatal care, Julien Penders, Bloomlife, Belgium Supporting the development … Continue reading 2018 Ideas from Europe Final, The Hague