2023 Party4Planet – Earth Day

What a great way to celebrate Earth Day with The Hague Tech! I started with the PlanetJams, and followed this with Party4Planet.

This hybrid event brought together climate activists and the community with live music and visual entertainment. Live music from our select DJs blended with 90-second pitches from social activists highlighting pressing climate issues throughout the event. 

Party4PlanetEarth Day 2023 #RestoreOurEarth

This second edition of the event honoured Earth Day 2023 and carried the theme: #RestoreOurEarth.

Planet Disco @ The Hague Tech

Nothing gets people up and moving faster than music. Call your friends, grab some drinks, and join us live at Planet Disco at The Hague Tech. This is the in-person part of the event where you get to dance the night away for the future of the planet. 

Planet Pioneers Meetup @ The Hague Tech

Looking to connect with like-minded individuals who are passionate about saving the planet? Join the Planet Pioneers Meetup from 18:00 until 20:00! This innovative networking space is designed to facilitate meaningful conversations, allowing attendees to exchange ideas, forge new partnerships, and collaborate on sustainable initiatives.

PlanetJams @ The Hague Tech

PlanetJams is an interactive panel discussion on the 21st of April from 5pm until 6pm. This event is in partnership with the Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management and Oupro media who created ZIEN, a powerful new song and music video that inspires us to think about our planet’s future. With thought-provoking discussions, a showcase of the music video, and inspiring interviews, this event is not to be missed! Only 100 registrations are available, so act fast to secure your spot. Go to this link to register for this.

Join online via Zoom

If you’re not in The Hague, it doesn’t matter! Call your friends and get together wherever you are. You can watch the livestream and participate in the event remotely with your laptop or phone. Guide to follow shortly.


Morning Show Live from HPM Radio Stage

Content around sustainability locally and from all over the world

Lots of inspirational speakers and activists

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