A list of iPhone iOS video editing tools

I shoot video almost every day with my iPhone and have been meaning for a while to learn how to quickly edit and share video.  I’m going to start trying out different apps and will share my experiences here.  I already started A list of Video Editing Software post a while ago, when I was mixing software you could use on either your phone or on a desktop/laptop – but with this list below, I will focus purely on those you can use on an iPhone or iPad.



I tried this on 26 May 2017.  This is a free download in the app store by Vimeo.

  • Overall use: Quick, easy and intuitive
  • Photos: Can’t add photos
  • Music: Has a number of free tracks
  • Text: Has 10 themes you can choose from and several different fonts
  • Video Quality: can choose to upload in 720HD, 1080 FullHD or 4K Ultra HD (which will also depend on the resolution of your clips.
  • Save to camera roll: Yes (so you can then upload to other channels).
  • Sharing: uploads direct to Vimeo and can share across social media channels
  • iPad version? Doesn’t seem to be
  • Android Version? Not sure
  • General:  Has number of themes you can choose with filters.  You can’t do transitions.

Example of Cameo in use: this is the version which was saved to my phone, and which I then uploaded to YouTube. It took me about a half hour to make and about 5 minutes to save/upload. If you prefer, you can watch the Vimeo version of the same video here.

05 June 2017: Made another video with Cameo here.  Again I uploaded to both Vimeo & YouTube (by saving to my camera roll.  I really like Cameo, but a friend recently told me they are no longer doing updates and it doesn’t work for her anymore.  I can’t find an official announcement of this and will be very sad to lose it if they do discontinue!

Adobe Clip


I tried this on 05th June 2017.  This is a free download in the app store.  This is a very basic app version of their super powerful Adobe Premiere software.

  • Overall use: Quick, easy and intuitive
  • Photos: Can add – just made a video purely from photos
  • Music: Has a number of free tracks
  • Text: Has only one type of font, can change text colour and background.  Seem to only be able to put as a title slide but not on the actual photos.
  • Video Quality: seems good, not sure of the actual specifications)
  • Save to camera roll: Yes (so you can then upload to the sharing channel of your choice).
  • Sharing: uploads direct to Twitter, Adobe cloud, and says YouTube but doesn’t work.
  • iPad version? Haven’t tried
  • Android Version? Not sure
  • General:  I like it, easy to use.  You can do an automatic video or switch to an editor with more control.

Example in use: I just put this slideshow of spring photos together in about 20 minutes.  This is the version which was saved to my phone, and which I then uploaded to YouTube.



Here’s a video I made with Animoto in 2016.


Here’s a quick iMovie video I did on my iPhone5 of our bunny having breakfast

I will continue to add in more tools as I use them, meanwhile please share suggestions in a comment below!

Here are some I plan to check out/review soon:

Meanwhile, there are a few other articles out there about iOS video apps you may like to check out.  Problem I’ve found though is that many apps change names or shut down so you may have to do a bit of clicking, for example from this 2014: The Next Web: 10 best iOS apps for shooting and sharing video article, the majority are no longer available.


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