2019 Female Ventures Delft: Double Potential

On Wednesday 12 June 2019, Female Ventures held a lovely event at YES!Delft. It’s been a while since I have been at this location and they have grown! This incubator for innovation hosts around 100 startups and scaleups and has a very cool atmosphere. Jasmijn Giohalas, Program Coordinator gave a brief talk. For more info: https://www.yesdelft.com

The topic of the evening was F&Male: Double Potential, about men and women side by side, leading change at work: https://femaleventures.nl/event/fmale-double-potential-female-ventures-delft/

Willemein de Vogel – van Musschenbroek Greve first took us through the philosophy of Female Ventures:

  • Empower learning and networking
  • Inspire: connect to rolemodels
  • Build: Cross generation peer to peer community

One of my good friends and Zestee partners, Manuela Damant, from Azkua, spoke about Leading the Change – Together. She talked about the Future of Work, drawing from an event she attended in Amsterdam led by Alain de Botton of School of Life, but also adding her own valuable insights and vision.

Manuela shared some practical models and concepts with us including “Radical Candor” by Kim Scott.

Next up was Andre van Dam to talk about his experience of running several mostly male-dominated businesses at first, until he realised the value of specifically seeking more gender balance.

He talked about the many benefits of a mixed team, such as significantly better decision making and a better working culture, and explained this wasn’t easy to get right. We all appreciated his openness about this topic.

If you happen to be in The Hague or surrounds, Manuela and her team are running an “emerge” 3 day intensive course from September 2019. I attended a 3 day course with her earlier this year and highly recommend you invest the time – it made an immediate positive impact on me personally and my career.

After the presentations, Rosalie Lemmen led participants though the “bee game” to use the collective knowledge to help each other solve any challenges they may be facing:

It was a great evening! Thanks to the organisers and fellow participants. For my full photo album of the event: https://photos.app.goo.gl/MpXg9GUoBibiKFme6

For more about this course or Azkua: https://azkua.eu

For more about Female Ventures: https://femaleventures.nl

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