PlanetJams – Art and culture as a tool in transitions

On 21 April 2023, I went along to an event called PlanetJams at The Hague Tech as a last minute decision. I am so incredibly glad I did! What a fascinating panel showcasing the power of art and culture in our transition towards a more sustainable planet. Activists, artists, designers, photographers, filmmakers, musicians etc. who cherish the Earth on a daily basis, shared their work and thoughts.

Hosted by Marieke Rietbergen (Design Innovation Group) and initiated by Johan Oudshoorn (producer of ZIEN) and Adrie Huissoon (Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management), it was an hour jam packed with ideas and inspiration.


Marieke Rietbergen


Guus Westdorp (Singer and Composer)

Johan Oudshoorn (Filmmaker)

Ingrid Vente (Photographer)

Frederike Berendsen – Music Declares Emergency

Benjamin Fro (Spoken Word Artist/Rapper)

Dorine Baas (Designer)

Sara Vrugt (Artist)

Marcel Blekendaal (Artist/Storyteller)

Andrea Tauta Hurtado – Butterfly Works

Nele Vandeneede – Play Art Food

Directly after this event was the Party4Planet, also an amazing event!

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