2023 (April) LinkedInLocal – The Hague – Neurodiversity

Connecting Humans.  All Welcome.

The mission of LinkedInLocal events are to connect humans and get to know the people behind the profiles. Strengthen your existing connections, and build new ones.

Whether you are a student, a CEO or any other kind of human in any industry, this is an inclusive networking event with a focus on FUN. English is the main language but Nederlands and other languages are also fine – all welcome.


Thursday 6 April 2023


4pm to 5.30pm

Theme this month:


Guest speakers/panel: 

See below


10 euros, includes tea/coffee.  The Hague Tech members & students free.

Pre registration required:



1600-1615 Arrival, tea & coffee

1615-1630 Introductions

1630-1700 Panel style programme on Neurodiversity

1700-1730 Neurodiverse networking

More information:


Thanks to The Hague Tech, Holland Park Media and The Hague OnLine for their support.

This event is not sponsored, endorsed or operated by LinkedIn but is operated under license.

Can’t make this event but want to keep up to date with future ones?http://eepurl.com/hYSO1P


Renée Tentori loves to connect, communicate and educate.

Guest speakers/panel for this month: 

Tilo van Driel is a Dutch-American 19 year-old who has grown up in the Hague. He’s studying to become a waiter, working part time at Cafe Parkoers in Zuiderpark. Tilo received the diagnosis of autism and cognitive challenges when he was 4 years old while living in Brussels, Belgium. His family moved to the Hague so he could attend the Lighthouse – an English-language school focussing on special education. Tilo is an actor, model and avid YouTuber, creating short films about life with autism from the perspective of someone who has it. His first role in a feature film, “De Witte Wieven”, will be out on NPO in the autumn of 2023.

Karim El Oteify is an intersectional entrepreneur, creator, and consultant passionate about change and transformation. After moving to the Netherlands in 2018 to study media and communications at Erasmus University Rotterdam, he fell in love with the local entrepreneurial culture, which led him to launch two projects to support the growing international community. BGMT, an online platform for young internationals, and Assist NL, a relocation service for young professionals.  Karim’s path transitioned as time passed, and his passion for people and stories drove him to get certified in systemic change management! With that certification, his communications degree, and a masterclass in diversity and inclusion under his belt, he now spends his time helping organizations tell better stories and facilitating change within organizations to create safe spaces where intersectional individuals such as himself may thrive!  You can connect with him on Linkedin and check out his previous work here.

Manya Arora  is a digital designer with a creative eye and passion for visual storytelling. She is the founder of Neuspace (https://neuspace.art): an out-of-the-box creative agency with the competitive advantage of neurodiversity. She founded the company a year after learning about her diagnoses of ADHD and Autism. The company was started with the purpose to introduce a change in the awareness and acceptance of neurodivergents and empower other members of the community to be comfortable with their beautiful minds. Connect with her on LinkedIn here (https://LinkedIn.com/in/manyaarora23). You can view her portfolio here (https://neuspace.art/portfolio/content-and-design).

Jacinta Noonan is an ADHD Coach, Trainer & Facilitator with many years in the field of personal development and neurodiversity. She runs Platform B, a coaching practice in Haarlem and offers ADHD coaching, ADHD Support Groups and Workshops, both online and in person. Jacinta is passionate about educating Businesses and Universities to recognize the talent and value that neurodiverse people bring to the table.  She believes that with more awareness we can create positive work places where everyone benefits. When she is not talking about neurodiversity, you will find Jacinta working on her other creative outlets, such as music and writing.

Unzela Haider is a psychologist who runs Thrive Qube a private therapy practice in centre of the Hague. She is an advocate for mental health and supporting people to live a full and joyful life. Unzela supports individuals (16 years and above) with issues relating to anxiety, stress and burnout. Other areas of expertise include relocation and expat life, being an adult third culture kid, separation/ divorce, grief / loss, family relationships and loneliness, stress and procrastination (as a student). She also delivers workshops for academic institutions, international organisations and NGOs in the areas of unconscious bias, diversity and inclusion. More information can be found on www.thriveqube.com

Passionate about connecting people Unzela organised the first ever LinkedIn Local events in the Netherlands which is where she met Renee!

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