Moving from to

Here are 10 steps to move your website from to

  1.  Export your content from your account
  2.  Import your content into a new account
  3.  Buy a upgrade   
  4.  Transfer your statistics from your account if you wish
  5. Disconnect Jetpack from your account dashboard
  6. Transfer your URL/domain 
  7. Accept your transfer to speed up the process
  8. Check all working ok on your account
  9. Delete old website (or ask your host to do this)
  10. Reconnect/check your emails

For the last few years, I have run several sites on

For various reasons, I decided to move them across to  This was not a really difficult process but was very time consuming.  I also learned that if you miss a step or two, it can cause problems, or take even longer.  So the purpose of this post is to help out anyone else who is going through the same process!  Please keep in mind that things change, so depending on when you’re reading this, something may be different or work in another way for you.  I’m not an IT expert and can’t help you out! customer service are excellent though.

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