John Hattie: Making Learning Visible

I first heard of John Hattie last year, when his book  “Making Learning Visible” was one of our texts for the teacher training course I followed at The Hague University of Applied Sciences.

As an Australian living in the Netherlands, it was a nice extra bonus to hear he’s from “my part of the world” (originally from New Zealand and now living in Australia).

Then, his name came up again recently in a conversation with one of the teachers at my daughter’s primary school here in The Hague.

Next, I just saw a post on LinkedIn that he’s currently in the Netherlands giving training.

So – when you keep seeing something pop up regularly like that, you take notice!  So this quick blog post is to pull together some resources to share, and for me to come back to later:

His website is:

Here’s a TEDx talk he’s done:

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