New technology: Tile

A couple of friends just shared this on Facebook.  FAB!  I’ve used “Find my iPhone” a few times and was thinking it would be handy for other stuff.

Reasonable price though shipping from Canada to Europe almost doubles the price for me so think I’ll wait until it’s locally available…though if it was activated after the order it would be interesting to track it’s journey.

With my interest and education in marketing I also enjoy watching the growth of a new product.  Until around 15 minutes ago, I’d never heard of this product.  Then 2 friends shared the link simultaneously on Facebook.  I’ve watched the video (which was uploaded about 6 weeks ago and already has 1.7 million views).  Wonder how long it will take until I actually see and possibly own one?

What would you put one of these on? Think I could put one on each of my children!  And their favourite toys.   Can you think of any negative problems?


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