Injecting Address Validation Into Your CRM Veins

If you're already settled in with your customer relationship management software, you may not want to think about incorporating address validation software—after all, it takes time to train your employees on new software and money to purchase it. However, Experian address validation and similar solutions integrate with existing CRM software, such as SalesForce and SugarCMS, …

Top 5 Welcome Marketing Intrusions

You may have read about Zestee’s top five unwanted marketing intrusions, so here are five marketing methods I enjoy encountering in my daily life and think are clever ways of using marketing.

Google Plus…should I bother?

I'm already juggling Facebook, Linked In, You Tube, Twitter and more, so should I bother joining Google Plus? If it was any other social media tool, I'd most likely ignore it for now. However as we all know, Google is a giant in the online world, so any new product they bring out has my attention so I've spent some time this week checking it out.

Top 5 unwanted marketing intrusions

In today’s world, we are surrounded by marketing messages. In a cluttered marketplace, marketing professionals need to be innovative to ensure their message is heard. This has come to mean that we are often inundated with unexpected and unwanted marketing intrusions. Here are the top five that drive me crazy.

Changes to Facebook: keeping up to date

This morning Facebook just announced an upgrade for pages, amongst other changes. As a marketing professional who specialises in social media training and consulting, Facebook both drives me crazy and delights me with their constant changes.