Are there any ad free surfaces left?

As a marketer, I understand the ongoing challenge to come up with ways to capture audience attention in an increasingly competitive environment.

When I sat to eat my lunch today at Westfield Strathpine, I noticed (how could I not) that the usually ad-free tabletops were now transformed into a mini billboard!  They seem to have hollowed out the tabletop and added a screw-in panel underneath to be able to change the ads regularly.

Rather clever really, when I sit to eat I’m highly likely to read whatever is right in front of me.  As it turns out, I’m not the target audience (not slighly interested in female football), however the campaign has been highly successful, as even without having taken this photo, my retention of the material is very high.

Personally, despite my profession, I’m rather against the ever-increasing marketing ambushes.  One of my pet hates is telemarketing – my home is my recluse and an environment I wish to control.  However in a shopping centre – where the very environment is just oozing marketing in every direction anyway, I think this is quite a unique way of attracting attention for longer than usual.

What do you think?  Clever?  Or intrusive?

2 thoughts on “Are there any ad free surfaces left?

  1. Hi Renee, I quiet agree with you, at home I will hang up at
    any telemarketer but at shopping center eatery you all ready
    subjetcted to an amazing amount of advertising input. And if this
    is where you choose to eat it is also what you except to see. As a
    business person I love the idea of tabletop advertising but
    personally for me I debate to cost vs overall exposure. I look for
    national exposure, so although this is only local. The demagraphic
    target is right, I would only consider it at the right

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