Beauty from Tragedy: Harvest Rain Theatre Company

After returning to Brisbane in 2007 (after several years overseas), I discovered the amazing Harvest Rain Theatre Company and have been a big fan since.  They have recently celebrated their 25th birthday and though I’m sad I didn’t discover them earlier, I’m looking forward to enjoying the next 25 years!

Over the last few years, I’ve attended most of their performances and have laughed, cried and had goosebumps at the incredible talent involved in this group.  Late year I was lucky enough to win tickets to JC Superstar with a meet & greet with the lead, Luke Kennedy, whose angelic voice was just perfect for Jesus.

Now regulars at QPAC, Harvest Rain suffered the full blow of the tragedy of the Brisbane Floods recently.  However in their true impressive style, they have managed to somehow turn this into something which has created beauty. Taking a song – Love You Queensland – which I’ve always known but has never meant that much to me (apart from knowing it was in an ad) they have made it into something which makes me proud to be a Queenslander.  Listen out for Luke (Jesus!) in there and many other talented singers such as Naomi Price.

But they don’t stop there!  By buying this song on iTunes (which I’m just about to do), all proceeds will go to the Premiers Flood Appeal.  They have also launched an appeal to help the Brisbane Arts Community clean up.  And still that’s not all!  They are also participating in a fundraising performance next Sunday 31st January: Brisbane Musical Theatre United

Check out the video below, and WELL DONE HARVEST RAIN!  An excellent example of how beauty can come from tragedy, and also a great example of using internet marketing “for the powers of good”!

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