Sharing the cost of advertising

Zestee Marketing Tip:  if you have a limited budget for advertising, have you thought about teaming up with compatible businesses to share the cost?  I’d like to challenge you to keep an eye out in the next week for examples of businesses sharing the cost of advertising.  This can benefit not only the businesses but consumers too.

Two benefits for business are not only the obvious lower cost but also an increased chance of gaining attention from potential consumers.  For example, if a hairdresser and beauty therapist decided to team up and perhaps print a double sided flyer, someone alert to currently needing a haircut may also decide to have a brow wax as well and vice versa.  This could also lead to mutually beneficial business alliances.

Two benefits for consumers are that reduced costs may well be passed on in a lower price for the product/service and also that advertising may be a little less overwhelming, such as The Yellow Envelope.  

I quite enjoy junk mail (you’ll never catch me with a “no junk mail” sticker unless I’m going on holidays!) however the mixed sizes and formats can be hard to absorb at times.  I like that the Yellow Envelope brings together a number of businesses all in a nice, neat, manageable format.  I can easily throw away those I’m not interested in and save the rest.

Take a look around in the next few days and see what other examples you can find, and think about whether this is an idea that may be relevant to your own business.  Perhaps you already use this method?  Feel free to share your experiences in the comments.

2 thoughts on “Sharing the cost of advertising

  1. I’ve just booked in for a shared ad in Real Living magazine with Mathilda’s Market. The ad cost is shared by 12 people, so it makes it far more affordable.
    Love reading your posts!

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