2018 IB Trends in Marketing

I work part time as a lecturer at The Hague University of Applied Sciences in The Netherlands. As part of the International Business Bachelor’s programme, each semester I teach a 3 week “Digital Trends” course.

Student Social Media Audits and Content Planning

In teams of four, students were given an assignment based on our university’s social media accounts. First, they had to undertake a social media audit – which was essentially looking at the current use of social media and analysing this. Next, they needed to create a content plan, looking ahead. Finally, they needed to create the actual content, being one video and one other piece of content.

Digital Trends Essays

Students choose a digital trend they would like to explore to write an essay on. Aged between 19-24 years old, I find it really interesting to read their perspectives on the digital landscape and how this is being applied to marketing. I will not share full details or student names here due to privacy and copyright concerns. I did encourage students to publish their essays on their own blog or LinkedIn profiles. Here’s a quick summary of some of the topics they wrote about:

  • How Brands are using Storytelling in Content Marketing to Capture Consumer’s Attention
  • Social Media Influencer Marketing on Instagram as a Key Indicator for Success in the Fitness Industry (Gymshark)
  • Understanding of the Digital Content in Marketing (Network Theory)
  • E-reputation as Essential Criterion for the Employer Brand and Recruitment
  • The role of Chatbots in New Digital Marketing and Customer Relationships
  • The impact of Fashion and Beauty Blogs on Adolescents
  • The influence of social media on the personality and behaviour of adolescents in Columbia
  • Influencer marketing: What is the effect on consumers on Instagram?
  • Why sneaker companies use musicians in marketing
  • Neuromarkting: How does it work and how can it be applied to a brand such as Zara
  • Effectiveness of Big Data in Marketing
  • Chatbot marketing in the service industry
  • How marketing collaborations with YouTube influencers can boost sales

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