2020 TU Delft Networking in The Netherlands workshops

This is now my second year of teaching TU Delft PhD students and their partners a “Networking in The Netherlands” workshop. Offered through the “Coming to Delft” service, the purpose is to support those who have moved to the Netherlands to build their network here.

I moved to The Netherlands from Australia many years ago and followed a Dutch language class (de Delftse Methode) at TU Delft. I’m delighted to share my experiences and tips at these workshops.

Due to COVID-19 they are currently being held online.

15 February 2020

16 May 2020

4 July 2020

10 October 2020

This was a “gezellig” small group of 5 from Italy, Spain, Turkey and Iran:

28 November 2020

This will be the final one for 2020.

10 Day networking challenge

For two of the workshops, we ran a 10 day networking challenge afterwards. Daily emails encouraged the participants to take small actions to continue to build their network. There is also an ongoing LinkedIn group to connect with each other.

2019 TU Delft Networking in The Netherlands workshops

You can also read about the 2019 TU Delft Networking workshops here:

2021 TU Delft Networking in The Netherlands workshops

Hoping that the 2021 workshops can again be held in person at TU Delft!

Renee 🙂

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