2019 TU Delft Networking in the Netherlands Workshop (May)

On Saturday 11 May 2019, I had the absolute delight of spending the morning with nine lovely TU (Technical University) Delft international staff members and partners to deliver a workshop on “Networking in the Netherlands”.

TU Delft is well-known worldwide for their top class educational programmes in fields such as aerospace engineering (where my husband completed his PhD), architecture, civil engineering, electrical engineering, and technology. Established way back in 1842, it now hosts around 19,000 students, almost 5000 scientists, faculty and support staff.

As an “international” myself (originally from Australia but now living in the Netherlands), I’ve personally been through the journey of settling into life in a new country several times now. I believe that consciously and actively building my network here is the main reason that I went from being lonely and unemployed to having a great job and a wonderful, strong network of people around me. I shared networking strategies, tools and tips with the group.

Wishing them all the very best for the future!


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