2019 TU Delft Networking in the Netherlands (November)

On 30 November 2019, I had the pleasure to teach this workshop for the third time.

Unfortunately I had a bike accident and broke my ankle a month ago, so needed some help to get there and home again – which was the perfect excuse to teach this workshop with my husband, Bas Veldman, who is a TU Delft Alumni.

We had a small but very engaged group of PhD students and partners.

As part of the workshop, we discussed networking in different cultures. It was really interesting to hear the perspectives of do’s and dont’s from our international participants from Ethiopia, China, Iran, Russia and my own native Australia.

We also went through a number of tips and tools for building both a personal and professional network in the Netherlands.

In 2020, I am happy to have the opportunity to continue to offer these workshops in conjunction with TU Delft, to help newcomers settle in and build their network here in the Netherlands.

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