2020 Rise and Lead Summit

The 3rd annual Rise & Lead Summit took place on 24 & 25 September 2020. Last year, I attended this event in The Hague, and this year online.

Hybrid event in The Hague

Founder and organisers of Rise & Lead, Ebere Akadiri, is originally from Nigeria but now living long term in the Netherlands. She and her team did a fantastic job at responding to the COVID crisis and regulations by making this a hybrid event in 2020. She used the platform Hopin, as well as hosting a small number of participants and speakers in The Hague.

Day #1: 24 September

The first day kicked off with a great online networking session, facilitated by Unzela

Day #2: 25 September

Key takeaways

There were so many words of wisdom from the speakers and I took many notes during the two days. Here’s just a few of my key takeaways:

  • Diversity and inclusion are crucial to an organisation’s success, and needs to be a conscious decision and an ongoing conversation
  • This is not just about women. It’s everyone’s responsibility and benefit.
  • In 2020, the COVID crisis has accelerated the pace of change in the world.
  • Empathy, compassion, caring – many traits that have traditionally been seen as female actually also make good business sense

Join us in 2021?

Join us – online or offline – in 2021?


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