2012 Connecting Women Annual Festive Bazaar

Connecting Women Bazaar

I’ve attended the Connecting Women events a couple of times since I arrived in The Netherlands early this year and it’s a wonderful group  of inspiring, talented businesswomen.  I love that it’s such a dynamic mix of different nationalities and a broad range of businesses.  You can also read an earlier blog post I wrote about this networking group in The Hague.

This post is about their Annual Festive Bazaar.  What a fantastic way to celebrate the festive season!!  Not only was it a hugely enjoyable evening, there was also an opportunity to support each other’s businesses by buying Christmas presents for friends and family from a wide range of lovely local products & services.

The set up was great – an area to eat and drink, a stage to enjoy a talent show throughout the evening and a large room with display tables for all the businesses so you could browse and network.  Attendance was impressive, lots of really interesting, friendly people to talk to.  There was a raffle at the end where many of us went home with great prizes, I was lucky enough to win a free one hour fitness consult from Jessica Hills, Fitness Matters.

Here’s a list of the participants that were there  who have websites , as I’d love to make it easy for everyone to take a look at and support these great businesses:

I took along my camera and ended up being the “official photographer” for the evening, which was an absolute pleasure considering the kaleidoscope of colour there.  A couple of images are below and you can view all the images at the Connecting Women Annual Bazaar 2012 Photo gallery.

Here are a few of my favourites:

Zahara dance
Zahara dance


Picnic in the Park
Picnic in the Park preserves


connecting women dance
Party time!

If you’re in The Hague, The Netherlands and would like to attend upcoming Connecting women events, visit the Connecting Women Website for more information.

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