Increasing your Visibility


Networking workshop

On the 24th September 2012, I attended a Delft INA workshop on Networking – Increasing your visibility.  Presented by Cathy Delhanty, whose LinkedIn profile describes as a “social entrepreneur, networking queen and commercial consultant” we learnt lots of interesting perspectives on the importance of networking along with some practical tips on how to do so.

This is a topic that I’ve become really interested in recently.  Before I moved from Australia to The Netherlands (in mid 2012), and aware that I would be needing to rebuild my business (and myself!) in a new location, I asked some friends what they thought one of my greatest strengths was.  I’d expected answers along the lines of social media and marketing, the topics I’d worked on for some time.  However the answer came back “networking” over and over again.  Isn’t it funny how sometimes you do things so naturally you don’t realise it’s a skill that not everyone has?  Connecting with, getting to know and building relationships with people both personally and in business is something I really love doing, so I was really keen to hear Cathy’s take on the topic and enjoyed the presentation, thanks Cathy.



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