How to build your own WordPress website

Several years ago, I wanted to update my business website and move it from a Google Sites over to WordPress.  I’d first set up with site with (the blogging platform) but wanted to take it one step further and move to (the open source software) which would give me more options and flexibility as my business grew.  My technical knowledge is perhaps a little above average, and I had a budget of $0 so decided to try myself.  I was getting very frustrated and kept getting stuck, so put out a call on my Facebook page page for help.  Someone recommended this great resource.  As it turned out, it was actually written by someone I already knew!  Small world.

Tracey Leak from The Art of Home Based Business (and who I met several years ago via LesiureSeekers in Brisbane) has written this hugely handy pdf file to take you through building your own WordPress website step by step. She generously shares this for free and I have referred back to it several times since:

art of home based business screenshotart of home based business screenshot

Depending on your current level of technical knowlege, it still could take you some time to work through all the steps.  However, stick with it, it works in the end, and I’ve used this guide to set up my 3 websites:

Don’t have the time or inclination to do it all yourself?  I will be taking on new clients from January 2013 and can build your website for you at a very reasonable price and even train you in how to then maintain it yourself (saving the need to pay web developers every time you need to change something!)

Good luck!


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