Zestee Website Review: www.lasoo.com.au

Considering that my bundle of “junk mail” today resembled paper mache, I thought today might be a good day to share www.lasoo.com.au which is essentially an online version of the advertising catalogues delivered each week. 

From a marketing perspective, I like the name Lasoo- it does conjur up an image of that represents the capturing and bringing together of something.  Having a lot of searchable and relevant data in one place can be handy when you’re shopping around online for something you then want to go out and physically buy instead of ordering online.

Owned by www.salamat.com.au, they state it has over 1 million visitors each month and they’re embracing the social media trend,with a Facebook page and twitter account.  Check out a recent post on their facebook page http://www.facebook.com/Lasoo.com.au for some interesting predictions for shopping in 2011.

One of the things  I like best is the ability to search for details on something specific – such as a dryer  -which I imagine is popular with all this rain for others like me that have had clothes drying on racks for days!).  The grid view shown in the photo is great for a visual overview of what’s currently on special in various catalogues and at which store.  You can go much further by clicking on each for more information and comparing features.

 Though I do like this site and in general love the conversion of traditional marketing methods into digital/online world, I’m still not quite there with the paperless concept yet so will still use it in conjunction paper catalogues.  Though I can’t completely explain my reasoning here, I still like being able to browse paper versions, though even now when writing about it, I do feel guilty – perhaps even would go so far as horrified – when I really think about the incredible amount of paper wasted by this type of advertising.    Though I do like this site and refer here fairly regularly, I’ll probably not put a “no junk mail” sticker on my letterbox just yet.  At least say that I always do recycle and my girls also have some fun “reading” them.  I’m amazed at how Sophia (3.5 years old) can spot a Dora or an Elmo – even if it’s just a tiny symbol somewhere, and it’s a good way to teach her about various items we’ll be shopping for that week. 

What do you think about the weekly shopping catalogues?  Do you enjoy reading through them or do they go straight in the bin?  Do you have a “no junk mail” sticker on your letter box?

 Both pictures are screen shots taken today from www.lasoo.com.au

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