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connecting women

This post is part of a series about communities I have either created or have been a part of.

Connecting Women has been bringing together internationally minded women in The Hague, The Netherlands for over 20 years!  It has been one of my favourite communities, where I have made many friends and learned a lot.  I attended from 2003-2005, then again from 2012-2015 (I lived back in Australia in between).  Though I still live in The Hague, for the last few years, I’ve had quite a hectic schedule and not had the time or energy to attend, however hope to again in the future.  For more details, visit:

I’ve previously written a post here explaining more about why I love Connecting Women:

2012 Connecting Women The Hague

Below are details of some of the previous events I’ve attended, and one where I presented.


On 13 April 2015, Molly Quell and I talked about creating a social media strategy but personal and business use.  Read more here:

2015 Connecting Women Presentation: Create you own Social Media Strategy

On 18 May 2015, Elaine Molenaar of Lapis Horizon took us through a jewellery workshop to create a beautiful Tree of Life pendant. Photos here:


On 2 June 2014, Alison Stern shared Communication Secrets from The Love Lab
Research on closely observed couples indicates that underlying many communication challenges are responses and behaviours that doom relationships. This is true among couples, teams, organisations and communities of all kinds. This evening event will give you the opportunity to experience and learn why and how this occurs and how to change it. Please come with an open mind and a desire to apply the knowledge you gain in all your relationships.
Colleen Reichrath-Smith also spoke about the steps of the learning cycle.

Photos here:

On 1 September 2014, Blanca Vergara presented the 4 hour Mompreneur

Blanca Vergara is an entrepreneur, mentor, speaker and mother.  Her mission is to empower women to overcome their fears and limiting believes in support of a heart centred economy.  An ex corporate executive, Blanca will share her story about how she turned to meaningful entrepreneurship, allowing her leadership to blossom amidst an entrepreneurial jungle. Blanca offers a shoulder and support for innovators and misfits alike.  Her insights will reveal how you can work on intellectually challenging, life changing, and financially attractive projects, while raising your family in the comfort of your home.

On 6 October 2014, Barbara Rogoski taught us how to Talk like TED

Photos here:


On 6 May 2013, Azra Secerbegovic taught us about Organics – Is it Really Worth It? 

So you’ve decided to only eat natural, organic foods. Great! But how do you know if what you’re getting is actually natural and/or organic? Many companies have been putting products on the market that sound organic to get their piece of the pie. After this evening you’ll learn about all you need to know about shopping organic.

Colleen Reichrath-Smith also spoke about 6 secrets to a Career in Your Suitcase

My photos:


2012 Connecting Women Annual Festive Bazaar

More photos of the 2012 Connecting Women Annual Festival Bazaar here:


On 3 April 2006, Ann Houston-Kelly,spoke about Women and Leadership, What have we learned?

Ann is co-founder of Connecting Women, senior associate of the centre for Creative Leadership and the INSEAD Global Leadership Centre.  She specialises in coaching international executives and their senior management teams in an increasingly complex, diverse and changing business environment.  This interactive session focussed on examining the topic of women and leadership across cultures from a factual and experiential perspective.  Since the late 18th Century, women have been struggling for equal rights.  Much has been accomplished in terms of women and leadership and yet there is some distance to go.  Margaret Heffernan urges female corporate leaders to go beyond the stereotyped roles of “geisha, bitch, guy or the invisible woman” in her 2004 book The Naked Truth: A Working Woman’s Manifesto on Business and What Really Matters.  Sadly however this choice of roles still brings a smile of recognition from many female executive coaching clients.

1 May 2006, Sylvia I. Sakkes – Surviving a Trauma or Crisis and What it Can Teach Us

I’m grateful to all the volunteers who keep Connecting Women running, and am very happy to have met all the wonderful people I have through this community.  Several have become my closest friends and a few became clients.

If you are in the Netherlands, visit 


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