2018 Google Digital Marketing Workshops Rotterdam Business School

The Google Digital Marketing Workshops are offered at higher education institutions throughout the Netherlands. This programme is part of the Grow with Google initiative, supporting students and business owners to increase their digital skills.  Also called the “Digital Garage” there is an extensive free online training programme available: https://learndigital.withgoogle.com/digitalgarage.

I’m one of the trainers for the project, which is managed by digital training agency, How and Knower.  You can read more here (in Dutch): https://howknower.nl/digitale-werkplaats

I’ve also trained at:

In 2018, I delivered this 4 hour workshop at the Rotterdam Business School on 6 February with students in the International Business Bachelor’s programme.

Day 1 of 1: 06 February 2018: Digital Customer Journey, SEO, SEA, Google Analytics

I’ll be going back again in September for two days of training:

Day 1 of 2: 04 September 2018

Day 2 of 2: 07 September 2018

More information:

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