2023 Volunteer The Hague Mix & Match Job Fair

For my entire working career, I’ve dedicated hours to volunteering. I believe it brings so many benefits, and also allows you to give back to society in a meaningful way.

Here in The Hague, the Netherlands, there is a fantastic organisation that provides support and a database of English-language volunteering opportunities for the international community:


I’ve been involved in some way for many years. Back in 2016 gave a presentation about Elearning:

2016 Volunteer The Hague

2023 Mix and Match Volunteer Fair

On Saturday 13 May 2023, I attended the Mix & Match Volunteer Job Fair. This was a festive occasion with cake!

Volunteer The Hague

Tetyana Benzeroual is the project manager for Volunteer The Hague and did a fabulous job of bringing the whole community together at this event.

PEP Den Haag

Gert-Jan Aleman is the current director of PEP Den Haag, the Dutch language “parent” of VTH.

Deputy Mayor of The Hague

Kavita Parbhudayal is the Deputy Mayor of The Hague and officially opened the event.

30 Organisations

There were stands with representatives from the various organisations so you can discuss the volunteering opportunities and whether it’s a good fit for you.

Fore more information visit http://www.volunteerthehague.nl

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