A list of Video Editing Software

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This post is part of a series where I am compiling lists of various tools for individuals and business, and sharing some of my experiences and examples with each.  Here are links to all the Zestee lists so far:

Video is big in the digital content world, and if you want to be part of it, you need to learn how to edit video.  Video editing software varies really widely in usability and pricing.  Some is free and others cost hundreds.

This list below is bringing together some tools I’m currently considering using or have some experience with so far.  I’m a Mac user so it’s Mac focussed but most of these should have PC options too.  One of the tips I can give is that learning how to master even the basics of any of these tools can take many, many hours.  Therefore, I’d suggest doing some research first as to which is the best for your needs and budget, and sticking with that for a while.

Consider first what your goals are with video editing – is is something you just want to experiment with or do you want to produce quality videos for business?  Also think about the ways in which you’ll be capturing your video – a DSLR camera perhaps, smart phone, tablet, or combination.  Will you be making short videos or longer ones?  How would you like to share – online is the most common now, usually via social media platforms like YouTube.  If you have elearning in mind and creating ecourses, you may want to embed video onto your own website or upload to elearning platforms.   Each of these options have their own specifications so make sure you are aware of these before you spend hours editing.

There are also literally hundreds of video editing apps, designed to quickly edit footage taken on smart phones and tablets.  That might be worth a separate list later.


The standard favourite for Mac users which comes for free with Macbook Pros, Air and now is also available for iPad and iPhone.  Good for basic short videos.  They have some standard templates and music, but these can get boring fast! It’s still a good tool for beginners, here’s a video I created recently using iMovie and footage from my iPhone 5.

Windows Movie Maker

This is the basic version for PCs which I remember being very easy to use.  Now I’m a Mac user I can’t use it any more though!  Excellent for video editing software starters who use a PC, you can download a free version to use via the link above, or it may already be installed on your computer.


This is a video editing software tool which I have just found when researching this article.  It looks worth a try so I’m including it in the list.

Adobe Premiere Pro

This professional option used to be out of reach price-wise for individuals, but with Adobe’s Creative Cloud subscriptions, it becomes more affordable.  Like all of Adobe’s products, it’s powerful – but can take a long time to master.  I’ve spent many, many hours going through their tutorials and still am only at a very basic beginner level.   Here’s something I put together with the tutorial earlier this year:

Adobe Premiere Elements

This seems to be a more simple version of Adobe Premiere Pro.  You can download a 30 day trial.


I was fortunate to get one of these great GoPro cameras for my last birthday from my brothers.  As the image they take is quite unique, I think you may have to use the provided software & app, though I’m hoping I can also import it into the other video editing software too.

Corel Pinnacle Studio

Ten years ago, I used Pinnacle studio to compile a DVD of my wedding.  Relatives had taken more than 15 hours of video for us in total on a number of cameras and (before I had children!) I spent many, many hours editing these into a 1 hour DVD to keep and share with family and friends.  I was using a PC at the time and remember it took me a little while to learn but after that, I found it easy to use.  I haven’t tried it since but is a tool I would consider using again, it seems reasonably priced and there are also iPad version.

Magix Video Deluxe

This is a German software currently only available in Dutch and German in the Video Deluxe edition but they do have other video editing software in English.  Adding to the list to take a better look at.

I’ve just discovered a Wikipedia list of video editing software with extensive options if you’re looking for more and there is also a handy Wikipedia comparison of video editing software.

Have you tried any of these video editing software tools?  What is your favourite and why?  Please comment below!


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