2023 Delft Verbindt BBQ

On Monday 15 May, I attended the Delft Verbindt BBQ at ROC Mondriaan.

Though the few days before were beautiful weather, it seems if you plan a BBQ in the Netherlands, it will be cold! At least it wasn’t wet.

The event was in Dutch, and I’m trying hard to integrate here in the Netherlands after living here for more than a decade. I find it difficult though. Most people speak English but I prefer to practice Dutch, but do often find it a challenge to make the kind of small talk to network. I’ll keep trying though!

I attended on behalf of Delft MaMa, a not for profit organisation for which I am currently chairperson.

ROC Mondriaan

Though I live quite close, I’d never been to ROC Mondriaan, so it was interesting to learn more about this educational institution.

They have different forms of tertiary education including:

  • – School voor Economie
  • School for Retail & Logistiek
  • School for Business Support
  • Business School

So it makes sense for them to partner with Delft Verbindt, an organisation representing business in Delft.

The food was delicious, and if I understood correctly, was served by hospitality students also from the Mondriaan education.

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