2022 MBO College Airport & Amstellaan Week of the World

On 16 November 2022, I gave two presentations on Intercultural Communication. The first was at MBO College Airport in Hoofdorp, the Netherlands, not far from Schiphol Airport:

It was a fun campus to visit.

The second presentation was at MBO College Amstellaan, a short drive away.

I was invited by Luisa Prando, Manager of Internationalisation & Inclusion as part of their “Week of the World”.

The short workshop I gave was on Intercultural Communication.

  1. What is intercultural communication?
  2. Who am I? 
  3. Intercultural communication challenges we are facing 
  4. Why focus on intercultural communication?
  5. Ten Quick Practical Tips
  6. Q&A

On the Friday, I gave a short online version of the same presentation for the lecturers.

Student feedback was positive and I really enjoyed the opportunity!

Would you like an interactive presentation (online or in person) on Intercultural communication for your organisation? Please contact me vis this link, or on LinkedIn.

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