One page business plan: The Business Model Canvas

Screen Shot 2015-08-17 at 14.36.30

This is one of my favourite business tools.  I wrote about it sometime ago on another website of mine here:

This was something I was using with Professional Parents – those who balance family and work – and found it perfect for small business.  However I’ve since learnt that even very large organisations – like Shell – use this tool as well, and I was delighted to learn when I started teaching last year at The Hague University of Applied Sciences, that they include it in the curriculum for business students as well.  When I went to Vienna recently to deliver an elearning/social media presentation, the organiser also had prepared a short session about this model as well!  So it’s certainly something that is of interest internationally and to all sizes of business.

I use it so often and recommend it to so many people though that I wanted to add a post here as well.  This video it a great introduction:

You can download the free PDF template here:

See page 44 of this PDF for a printable template you can use.

This PDF is a preview of the book, which you can find out more about and purchase online, though it’s such an intuitive model that I’ve found the video and free PDF above often enough for most small business owners to use this tool effectively.

Do you use the Business Model Canvas?

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