A list of Elearning Platforms

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Hi there!  I’ve been writing regularly about elearning more more than a year now and realised it might be handy to have a list of elearning platforms with a little about each.

Feel free to add to this list in a comment below, or let me know your thoughts about any of these!  In no particular order yet, but as the list grows, I will perhaps organise it into elearning platforms most suitable for those learning, those who want to teach, small business and corporate.

This is a working list, mostly with their own taglines.  I will also add in comments on each as I experience them.

Elearning (Online Learning) Complete List (so far!):

  • FutureLearn: Free online courses from top universities and specialist organisations
  • Udemy: over 7 million students and 30,000 courses on a very wide range of topics
  • Skillshare: Learn real world practical skills
  • CreativeLive:  Free live online creative classes
  • Coursera: Free Online courses from top universities
  • edX: Free online courses from the world’s best universities
  • Khan Academy: learn math, biology, chemistry, economics, art history and almost anything for free
  • Lynda: Online video tutorials and training
  • Alison: 750+ Free online courses
  • Teachable: Create and sell online courses (used to be called Fedora)
  • Sensei: A WordPress Plugin that allows you to build and sell courses on your website
  • Pluralsight: Tech and Creative Training Library
  • Open Learn: Free learning from The Open University UK
  • Have one to add?  Please comment below or contact me

Some other lists I will work on soon (again feel free to add your recommendations or ask questions in comments)

Top Ten Elearning Platforms:

My Five Favourite Elearning Platforms

Elearning for Entrepreneurs:

Elearning for Qualifications: 








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