2020 TNW The Next Web

On 1 and 2 October 2020 I attended TNW Amsterdam – from home.

Last year, I attended this two day event in person in Amsterdam, and it was amazing: 2019 The Next Web

This year was a little less exciting in terms of atmosphere – despite the fact my daughter’s bunnies were in the living room listening into the sessions…..

Attending from home though of course cut down on travel time and was still super inspiring. Here’s a few notes from the sessions I attended.

More to come….

A look into tech’s far future

One of my favourite sessions was the final one – with the speaker dialing in from my home country of Australia!

2020 TNW Conference On Demand

At time of writing, you could purchase a 2020 TNW On-Demand pass to view the sessions online (not sure for how long?) online here for 49 euros: https://thenextweb.com/conference/tickets

2021 TNW

I’m hoping that I can attend 2021 TNW (The Next Web Amsterdam) live! Either way, I’m sure that the trend of “hybrid events” will influence the way this will be offered in 2021, where even if events do take place, our experiences during COVID will allow more to attend online as well. You?

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