2019 MICM Social Media Class

For the last six weeks, from February-April 2019, I’ve had the absolute privilege and pleasure to teach Social Media Management to the part-time students in the MICM (Masters in Communication Management) class.

I graduated from this program myself almost two years ago, which you can read about in My MICM Masters posts.

I’ve been teaching at The Hague University of Applied Sciences for more than 4 years now, in both the Bachelor’s and Master’s programmes. Generally class sizes are around 25 students, however for a few reasons, there were only 6 in this class. One advantage of this meant that when that very rare sunshine showed up after a very long winter, we went and worked outside!

Not only due to it the smaller group, but because the students were so engaged and keen to learn, it was an amazing teaching experience. I feel like I learned as much from them as they did from me.

Every Friday, we had a full day class covering topics such as:

  • Psychology of Social Media
  • Digital Marketing Trends
  • Social Media Audit
  • Social Media Strategy
  • Building Social Capital
  • Setting Social Media Goals
  • Psychographics
  • Building audience personas
  • Audience interaction and engagement
  • Social Media Platforms and Tools
  • Creating content
  • Managing multiple media channels
  • What to do when things go wrong
  • Social Media Management

Each week, the students worked in pairs to present to the class, and they covered some really interesting case studies including:

  • KLM verses NASA online
  • Blockchain in social media
  • Building a blog for expats
  • Centr App (Chris Hemsworth)
  • Too Good to Go
  • Johnny Doodle (+ real chocolate!)
  • Edgard & Cooper (because dogs and cats own the internet!)
  • Edx
  • Community garden project in Amsterda

I also encouraged the students to get more comfortable with video. I recorded this one at the end: https://www.linkedin.com/feed/update/urn:li:activity:6529047562547134464


Two students who are seeking a job or internship also shared their first video on LinkedIn. At time of writing, Armig’s video has had 1750 and Hanneke’s video has had over 3000 views with several possible leads. Neither expected this reach and it was a great practical and personal case study.

The final assignment is a live case study on Ideas from Europe, who are partnering with the Global Entrepreneurship Summit in The Hague in June.

I’m looking forward to teaching this class Presentation Skills and Storytelling next month with Natali Drake.

Thanks again to this amazing class, I can’t wait to see what you all do next!

  • Mimi Kornet
  • Armig Kalaydjian
  • Hanna de Groot
  • Mahmoud Alothman
  • Adriana Loreze Guevara
  • Hanneke Vermeulen


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