Resources to make the transition from PC to Mac a little smoother

Just before Christmas I bought a new Mac.  After years of lusting after that little bright shiny apple glowing in a silver laptop screen, I became a proud owner…then got really frustrated!  Yes, it’s “intuitive” but when you make the move from one operating system to another, you suddenly realise how much you knew how to do that you took for granted on your PC.

A few months later, I have learnt a lot but thought it might be worth writing a blog post with resources for those making the switch.  I’d love some suggestions so please comment below and I’ll also make this a dynamic post and add to it as I find more resources.

Apple One to One

This is an optional extra you can purchase and I’m glad I did.  I do think at least the online training should be included in the purchase though.  The extra face to face classes that you can book in for I would have been happy to pay extra for, though only made use of this once.

MacBook Pro Portable Genius Guidebook- Brad Miser

I borrowed this book from the library and actually left it sitting on the shelf for a few weeks before i opened it.  Big mistake!!  I found it a good way to learn having a printed book to refer to as I learnt tips and tricks on my laptop.  With really simple step by step instructions with screenshots, in just a few hours I felt a lot more confident with my Mac.  One of the most useful tricks I learnt from this book was using “rules” for email.

Have you found any resources useful when switching from PC to Mac

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