2015 Rotterdam Expat Fair Event Highlights

This year was the first Rotterdam Expat Fair on February 8th, 2015.  Colleen Reichrath and Bettine van der Heijden did a great job of organising a professional, informative and fun fair, supported by Heleen van Tholen and Dymphna Elsink.

I enjoyed being part of the program and gave a workshop on “Building your Networking in The Netherlands”.  You can see a copy of my presentation here in SlideShare:

Renee Veldman Tentori Networking Workshop
Image: http://www.rotterdamexpatfair.nl

Erik Peekel officially opened the Information Market at 10.15am and he did a good job of being MC and also leading the Interactive Virtual Tour of Rotterdam.  There were around 150 attendees and it was a lovely, welcoming, friendly atmosphere.

It was hosted by the American International School of Rotterdam.  A good friend of mine works here but I’ve not yet had the time to visit – it’s a really nice location.  They offer excellent international education, and also an English Language Summer School in July and August for ages 11-18 of those who would like (their children) to enhance English Language skills in a friendly, fun, activity based environment under the guidance of qualified native English-speaking teachers.


There were a number of workshops throughout the day with helpful topics for expats in The Netherlands:

  • Dutch Health Care
  • Building Your Network in The Netherlands
  • Finding Work in The Netherlands
  • Navigating Dutch Bureaucracy
  • Growing up Between Worlds
  • To Buy or Not To Buy? (a house in The Netherlands)
  • Navigating Your Portable Career
  • Dutch Tax Tips
  • @Home in Rotterdam
  • Starting a Business in NL

Information Market

With 46 stand holders, there were plenty of people to talk to!  It was great to catch up with some people I know and meet some new people too. As I always do, I collected a pile of paper – but it was also a neat idea that attendees got a USB to take home with details of the day as well.


USB take home stick


Here’s links to some of my favourites:

  • Career in Your Suitcase – this book is a must for anyone who would like to develop a portable career…and also helpful for those staying put!
  • Bettine van der Heijden – Dutch expat expert, assistance on expatriation, repatriation, relocating with children and cultural awareness.
  • Triple E Tax – Jaco explained the difference to me between accountants, bookkeepers and tax specialists in the Netherlands and will do my tax return this year.
  • Dymphna Business Assistance – Dymphna can help busy professionals as a PA for a few hours a month or more, in Dutch and English
  • WBII – Women’s Business Initative – I’m a member of this community of entrepreneurial women and it’s always nice to see them at events
  • Vinita Salome – beautiful photography, I particularly love some of the photos in flower fields she’s taken of families.
  • Simply Made By is a unique concept representing handmade products in The Netherlands
  • Doula Sophie – I’m not having another baby but if I was, I’d love to have a doula like Sophie as part of this special experience
  • Ute’s Expat Lounge – coaching and training for international living families.
  • ACCESS is a must for anyone in the international community anywhere in The Netherlands!
  • Open The Door is a leadership programme for Women, run by friends of mine who were a huge help to me when settling in here in NL
  • DutchNews.nl is the leading source of Dutch news in English for an international audience
  • Erasmus University – I’m considering doing a Masters here
  • Xpat Journal is a high quality read for expats each quarter
  • Expat Child Psychology – Jet can help expat children who may be having trouble adjusting to life in a new country, or with other issues as well

Here’s a few I might look into when I have some more time:

  • Dutch Global Citizens aims to assist, inform and support those who have international lives, with things like tax, housing and more.
  • The Student Hotel offers temporary accommodation to young professionals, interns and trainees and corporate expats.
  • Tornate Tutorials gives Dutch language lessons for expats
  • Bimbola offers an english day care group and offers family dinners, hairdresser, art workshops and more.
  • A2Z Professional Organising for Expats because we all could do with some help when settling in a new country (or just in general!)

There were a lot more, you can take a look at the whole list of collaborators on the Rotterdam Expat Fair website.

We also enjoyed a lunch and networking drinks and the general vibe of the day was wonderful, I met with lots of internationals from all over the world.

Image: www.rotterdamexpatfair.nl
Image: http://www.rotterdamexpatfair.nl

The presenters also received a lovely bunch of tulips, very fitting for The Netherlands!  Behind us is the great artwork created on the day, based on visitors comments about Rotterdam.

Screen Shot 2015-03-28 at 23.10.12

You can view more photos of the day here:


Rotterdam Expat Fair


Great job to all involved!



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