2015 Trends in Marketing

In 2015, I was part of a team who taught a Minor called Trends in Marketing to International Business and Management Studies Bachelor students at The Hague University of Applied Sciences.

My 3 weeks of workshops focussed around Trends in Digital Marketing, where I mostly covered the importance of content marketing.

The student’s final assignment was an essay on their chosen trend. Though I unfortunately can’t share the student essays, it’s interesting to see the titles and topics they chose:

  • Usage of content marketing for B2B marketing
  • Effects of ad blocking on online advertising
  • Niche social media networks
  • User generated content: effects and applications in marketing
  • Digitised marketing automation
  • Niche is the new black – why marketers should utilise niche social media in order to avoid clutter and target customers more effectively
  • The importance of SEO in B2B marketing
  • IoT will revolutionise the Marketing Landscape
  • Is Content King?
  • Snapchat app as a marketing platform
  • The marketing trend blogger

It was a pleasure to read all these essays.

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