I am a live TEDx event addict. Here is why.


TEDx is one of my favourite things. No doubt you’ve seen the online videos – but I’m also addicted to live events. Here’s an ongoing list of the live TEDx events I have attended, so far all in the Netherlands, from 2013-2018.

Brief back story – I “almost” made it to an earlier event when TEDx was quite new.  In 2011, I had signed up – and paid AUD$70 for – a ticket to a TEDx event promoted on Facebook in Brisbane, Australia.  Turned out that it unfortunately was a scam, the man who took our money didn’t actually have a TEDx licence, and refused to refund.  However after this false start, I’ve now been to many very, very real TEDx events and loved every moment of it.

What is TED & TEDx?

TED is a nonprofit that started back in 1984 as a conference in the US devoted to Technology, Entertainment, Design. You can read more about it on Wikipedia or the official TED website.  TEDx are events that began in 2009 to make events more accessible locally.  Check out this infographic that summarises the number of events so far: as of late 2017: 100,000 talks online, held in 2,500 cities in 190 countries.  All events apply for a (free) licence, meaning they need to meet certain criteria and quality standards to bear the TEDx name.

Why am I addicted to live TEDx events?

Why do I love live TEDx events so much?  Sure, you can watch them online, but to be there live is a whole new level of experience.  To sum it up, I’m addicted to attending live TEDx events because of the ideas, the quality, the energy, the atmosphere.  I always come away feeling energised and inspired.  I meet amazing people who attend and often have the chance to talk to the speakers as well.

A seed bomb for your mind

To be able to make the stage for a TEDx event, you need to not only have a great idea worth spreading, you have to present it professionally and in under 20 minutes.  All TEDx speakers have a speaker trainer, and I’m fortunate to know a few personally in the Netherlands.  Talks are on a wide range of topics and I’m often asked during or after an event “which was your favourite?”  I find this difficult to answer as each has its own merits and I try to remain open to new ideas, even if they don’t immediately connect or resonate with me. Overall, they are great events and though often a lot of information and ideas to process, TEDx speaker trainer Jonathan Talbott described it beautifully.  He said often the ideas at a TEDx event are like those seed bombs.  They are thrown into your mind, and you’re not sure when and where they will flourish – but they will.

So here’s a list of the seed bombs I’ve had planted in my mind….a huge thanks to each and every speaker, speaker trainer, volunteer and organisers who make these events possible.

1. 2013 TEDxDelft (4/10/13)

My first big live TEDx event.  I had recently moved to the Netherlands from Australia. I actually signed up to volunteer at the event on the social media team – but was devastated to find out we would be in a side room and not in the room or near the actual stage.  No way!  So I managed to find a way to be “in the room” and am so glad I did.  I was instantly hooked.  The energy is so much better live than watching online.  Read more about the 2013 TEDxDelft event

2.  2013 TEDxAmsterdamWomen (6/12/13)

A friend, Barbara Rogoski, is a TEDx Speaker trainer and was able to invite someone to this event.  I was thrilled she chose me!  I was flying to Australia the next day but loved this opportunity to have a night of inspiration before my holiday.  Read more about 2013 TEDxAmsterdam Women.

3.  2014 TEDxLeiden (7/11/14)

Barbara was a speaker trainer at this event too, and this time a mutual friend, Manuela Damant joined us. The theme was “Abundance”.  Read more about 2014 TEDxLeiden.

4.  2015 TEDxDelft (27/2/15)

Back to the TU Delft AULA for another TEDxDelft.  Read more about the 2015 TEDxDelft event.

TEDxDelftSalon (08/03/15 + 12/04/15 )

I won’t give these a number as though a live event, it is a much smaller one. Still some high quality talks though, read more about TEDxDelftSalon here.

5.  2015 TEDxDelftWomen (29/5/15)

This event grew out of a LeanIn circle I was part of, and our initial intention was to all apply to speak.  Unfortunately I had too many other commitments at the time but it was great to see a few members of our group organising and on stage.  Read more about 2015 TEDxDelftWomen.

6. 2016 TEDxBinnenhof Ideas from Europe (31/3/16)

This was the most stunning location of all the TEDx events – held in the beautiful 13th century Ridderzaal (Knight’s Hall).  This was run by the “Ideas from Europe” organisation, who ran a similar event again in 2018 but no longer under the TEDx name.  Read more about 2016 TEDxBinnenhof

7. 2016 TEDxDelft (15/4/16)

A couple of colleagues joined me this time, along with one of my friends.  We sat in the front row and loved this. Read more about 2016 TEDxDelft.

8. 2016 TEDxAmsterdamED (20/4/16)

Only a few days later, I was off to Amsterdam to attend this education focussed event.  Read more about the 2016 TEDxAmsterdamED event.

9.  2016 TEDxAmsterdamWomen (28/10/16)

Back to AmsterdamWomen for the 2nd time, two friends joined me.  Read more about the 2016 TEDxAmsterdamWomen event.

10. 2017 TEDxAmsterdamED (31/5/17)

My 10th TEDx event and the most impressive so far with not only great speakers but a fun fair behind the stage! Read more about 2017 TEDxAmsterdamEd

11.  2018 TEDxDelft (22/3/18)

I attended Delft in 2013, 2015 and 2016, then they skipped a year and were back in 2018.  Front row again, with Steffi and Nancy and two colleagues joining us again.  Read more about the 2018 TEDxDelft event here.

2018 TEDxAmsterdamED (31/10/18)

I bought my ticket to the 2018 TEDxAmsterdamED though unfortunately no number for this one as I had a back injury which prevented me from attending.  Next year hopefully!  At least when you miss an event, you can watch the talks online…but still not the same as being there.

12.  2019 TEDxDelft (06/06/19)

I attended Delft in 2013, 2015, 2016, and 2018 making 2019 my 5th time.

I’m sure this list will continue.  If you have never been to a live TEDx event, I highly recommend it.  Even if you have, here’s a reminder to check out if there is one near you soon!  They are held all over the world, and you can find full details here:


Let me know in a comment or message if you have attended a TEDx event!


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