Trying out Blab for the first time

I’ve heard a few times now about Blab and recorded this 5 minute screencast of the very first time I took a look.

As you’ll see, I didn’t get all that far on my first try, it seems you need to use Chrome or Firefox to actually host a Blab.  I usually use Safari and was able to take a look around but not host.

My first impressions are that I actually felt a little shy just “dropping” into conversations that were happening, kind of like walking around a networking event and charging in.

I can see the potential for this and am going to persist.  I particularly like the idea of using it to learn to speak English – though I’m a native English speaker, my daughters are being raised bilingually in the Netherlands and I could perhaps use this as a novel tool for them to chat with other kids.

Personally, I would like to try out some “speed networking” for either my Zestee Social Media, Professional Parents or Dutch Australian communities.

Like all social networks, I feel I could waste a lot of time here so want to learn the basics and what it’s capable of, then come back with a clear goal and purpose.

The “about” section on Blab itself is pretty simple: – I guess you are instead just encouraged to get in there and try it yourself!

Screen Shot 2015-11-23 at 09.31.24

There are a few other posts on a Medium blog about it, but these are pretty well hidden right down the bottom of their site:


Step by Step starting:

I’m going to try it out more.  Will you?  Love to hear your comments below. Renee


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