Social Media Strategy for TEDx events: your input requested!



Last night, I attended my fifth live TEDx event – TEDxDelftWomen in Delft, The Netherlands. Organised by friends of mine, Molly Quell, Manuela Damant, Sarah Brown and a whole team of many other great people, it was a fantastic day.

The speakers were inspirational and the location – The Rietveld Theater Delft – was large enough to have that professional, exciting, quality TEDx feeling, yet small enough to be intimate. I already knew many of the attendees – all intelligent, motivated, wonderful women – and every new connection I made – both men and women – were friendly, open and interesting.

There is something incredibly special about making face to face connections – spending time with those you know, and meeting new people. However there is always limited time and before you know it, the event is over and it’s time to go home. So how do you continue that connection? How do you continue to create or maintain relationships built out of the amazing atmosphere and buzz of a TEDx event?

Social media offers you that opportunity. Like TEDx, social media is all about connecting and sharing.

As a social media trainer, I can so clearly see how social media makes a crucial contribution to helping the awesome TEDx “ideas worth spreading” make an even larger impact on the world, as well as those who are present.

Already, at many events, a hashtag is promoted and the presenters and even speakers themselves encourage the audience to tweet and share.  Most TEDx events have their own webcare/social media team who consistently post online before, during and afterwards.

However understanding how this all works and contributing to the conversations is something many people may need a helping hand with. Talking to many other attendees and speakers last night, I realized that there was a need to create a simple social media strategy for TEDx speakers, organisers and audience members.

So today, I am working on adapting my current Zestee Social Media Strategy template to create a short ebook, specific to TEDx, which I will email for free to anyone who asks.

What is a Social Media Strategy exactly?  It’s a step-by-step guide to decide which social media tools you should use, how, why and when.

Are you interested? Please contact me with “Social Media Strategy for TEDx” as a subject line and I will send you a copy as soon as it is ready.

Meanwhile, if you have been involved in TEDx in the past or are planning to be in the future, I would also love your ideas and input, for example:

  • Have you used Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn or another social media tool before, during or after a TEDx event?
  • What kind of goals did you have in doing so?
  • If you didn’t use it, why not?
  • Any positive experiences using social media for TEDx (for example, did you connect directly with a speaker who inspired you?)
  • Any challenges using social media for TEDx (for example, were you asked by the presented to tweet during TEDx and didn’t know exactly how?)

Any other comments on this topic are most welcome below of via the contact form.

Renee Veldman-Tentori

Social Media Trainer & TEDx enthusiast!


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