2015 TEDxDelftWomen

On 29 May 2015, TEDxDelftWomen was held at the Rietveld Theater from 12:30-20:30.  It was a fantastic event, with lots of inspiration.  This event grew out of a LeanIn group that I was a part of in 2014.  At those meetings, the women present shared their stories, and we came to realise how strong and interesting these women were and the idea was born.  The group was lead by Manuela & Sarah, who formed part of the organising team.

The TEDxDelft team included:

  • Molly Quell
  • Manuela Damant
  • Sarah Brown
  • Jonathan Talbott (speaker trainer)

Workshops were held by Nancy Mayer and Anne Parker.


  • Sahand Sahebdivani
  • Zairah Khan
  • Daphne Stam
  • Maria Palatine
  • Namita Krul
  • Noa Brume
  • Isabella Beernhaert
  • Cathelijne Janssen
  • Dalia El Gabry
  • Sheetal Shah
  • Oisin Zandee
  • Dorothy Grandia
  • Wiolette Ruszel
  • Fin’Amors
  • Jens van Tricht
  • Simone Filippini

Sponsors included:

You can see my photos and short videos here on Google Photos: 2015 TEDxDelftWomen

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