2015 TEDxDelft Salon

As well as the major almost-annual TEDxDelft events, there have a been a number of smaller TEDxDelft Salon events. I’ve attended a few of these in 2015: https://www.tedxdelft.nl/tag/tedxdelft-salon/

I’m fortunate enough to know the following two amazing ladies personally:

Nan Deadorff-Mclain shared her story about art in the city (unfortunately the audio/video doesn’t work after about 8 minutes but the first 8 minutes is great!):

On March 8, 2015, the theme was “The Planet”.


Marina Meijer talked about why study abroad:

On 4 April 2015, the theme was The Future:


Barbara van Gelder, director of Something Extra in Delft also gave a great talk but unfortunately I can’t find a copy online.

I’m a total TEDx live event addict, here’s why.



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