2015 Connecting Women Presentation: Create your own Social Media Strategy

Create your own social media strategy

Last night, I had the opportunity to deliver a social media strategy presentation with Molly Quell to the Connecting Women group in The Hague, The Netherlands.

Here is a copy of my presentation, where I talked about the top 10 tools and how people could create a written social media strategy for either personal or business use:

Here is a copy of Molly’s presentation, in which she helped the audience recognise – and therefore avoid – the most common mistakes people make on social media:

Our audience worked through a handout to create their own personalised social media strategy to take home.  Molly and I also answered quite a few questions and had the chance to talk with some attendees in the break and afterwards.
Though social media is a massive topic and interest and skills vary widely, we aimed to make sure that everyone learnt something new and appreciate the positive feedback we have received.  Were you there?  Would love your comment below about what you took away from our presentation.
Apart from the information in the SlideShare presentations above, here are some of the extra links/resources mentioned:
  • Canva is a great tool which you can use to create images for social media.  You can choose templates to create images of the correct size for the various social media tools.
  • Social Media Examiner has some wonderful resources if you’d like to learn more about social media in general
  • E-learning is one way you can teach yourself more about social media (and any other topic you can think of!) and this link will take you to a presentation I gave recently on the various tools out there you may like to start with
  • The Marketing Salon is a blog which Molly is part of with lots of tips about marketing (link coming soon)

The Zestee Blog is on this website, just click on the “Blog – Free Tips” tab and browse previous posts, but here is one I referred to specifically:

  • Frenzy, Fatigue, Focus – social media can be overwhelming but here is a theory to help you deal with that

The “Assignment” we gave on the evening was for everyone to write at least one LinkedIn Recommendation for someone else by Friday.

Have any questions about social media?  Ask in a comment below!


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