5 Best Apps for Incredible Photography

Tourist taking a photo at the Pisa Tower

You might use your iPhone primarily as a texting, calling or even gaming device. However, the iPhones 4 and 5 have a powerful camera that can help you do more than just Instagram pictures of your lunch. In fact, there are some photos out there that you wouldn’t believe were taken with a T-Mobile or other wireless provider camera. You can play up the strengths of the iPhone camera with these great apps:


Snapseed is supported by the brilliant minds at Google, who are committed to keeping this app one of the best iOS photo editing apps around. It’s got pretty much every editing feature you could hope for, short of Photoshop, with localized enhancements, a variety of editing tools and a simple interface. The only real downside is the fact that you can’t easily share your photos through a social network the way that Instagram can.

Speaking of Photoshop, you can get a mobile version of this stand-out software through Adobe for the iOS. You touch the screen to pick out the parts that need editing and control the editing functions. It gives you every feature you could need to quickly and easily edit from your phone.

Photo Capturing

LightTrac is an app that does a bit more than the average light meter. Instead of metering the light, what this app does is tell you exactly where the sun and moon are going to be at any given time. This allows you to determine the best conditions for getting the lighting that you want, whether it’s day or night. It’s frustrating when you have a specific vision for your pictures, but you can’t figure out when the lighting is going to be perfect. This app gives you exactly what you want.

The basic camera is great on the iPhone, but sometimes you want a more enhanced option to go about your business with. When you’re in the mood for better picture taking, explore Camera+. This app adds a clarity filter, many lighting presets, touch exposure, continous flash, up to 6x digital zoom, stabilizer, shot timer and a burst shooting mode. It makes it easy to take professional looking photos right out of the camera. There is a learning curve, however.

Moment Camera is an amazing choice if you want a minimalastic camera app. Instead of loading you down with every feature that you might not even need, you end up with the bare necessities that lends itself to a professional, understated set of options. It’s not supposed to look flashy compared to other phone apps, it’s just supposed to work. If you find yourself overwhelmed with choices on other phone apps, get back to taking pictures with this photo app option.

Need more proof that you can take amazing shots with an iPhone camera? Check out this collection of travel photos from the Huffington Post.

This is a guest post from Kasey Smith.  Kasey is a photographer and digital journalist who grew up photographing the vast Montana sky. She writes about digital and photography trends from her new home in Brooklyn.

2 thoughts on “5 Best Apps for Incredible Photography

  1. Some great sites thanks for sharing. Do you use any of those additional lenses to take your photos or do you just use these apps? I’ve seen a few where you can attach a special lens and the quality seems to be great but not sure of the price.

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