My MICM Thesis #2: Research Methods Textbook

This post is part of my own reflection on my 2 year part time Masters in International Communication Management, which I am following at The Hague University of Applied Sciences.  I’m recording my experiences and thoughts in a series of videos and written blog posts.

Today, things got serious!  I finally started reading the textbook “Research Methods for Business Students: Seventh Edition”.  I’ve now completed my coursework and am getting my thesis research underway.   This text is not totally new to me, as we also use it where I work, in the IBMS (International Business & Management Studies) Bachelor’s programme.  I don’t actually teach this module though and as with most things, if it’s not directly relevant to what you are doing at any given moment, reading it can get pushed down the “to do” list!

But it’s now right at the top of my to do, as I need to better understand and then follow the methods explained within the 742 pages to successfully complete my own thesis.  This is a first thesis for me as my Bachelor Business didn’t require one.  So I’ve spent a part of my Sunday reading chapter 1.

Interestingly, one of the major recommendations is to keep a reflective diary or research notebook.  I have done this quite naturally by starting a special notebook about 2 months ago, and also by blogging a few times already.  I like that this is “validated” as being an important part of the research process.  What is quite unique to me though, is that there is no mention at all of blogging or making the research notes/reflective diary public.  In fact, when I mentioned to one person that I was blogging about doing my Masters, the response was “aren’t you worried someone will steal your ideas?”  The honest answer – no.  A big benefit of research is in sharing it.

So here’s my vlog and now I better get back to studying!


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