How to create a free website

Every business and organisation can benefit from having a website.  Or you can even have a website for an event (such as a wedding or birth of a baby) or a hobby or simply for fun!

There are a number of ways to create a presence online.  Once this was a complex process for which you needed a big budget and a web developer.  However with the fantastic free and powerful website and social media tools available now, you only need some very basic skills to do this.

There are a number of considerations when setting up a site, such as whether you plan on having a shopping cart (to sell things) online, which does become a little more complex and likely to have some costs involved.  I need to research this myself soon and will write a post on that when I do, but meanwhile this post focusses on basic information sites.

I’ve experimented over the last few years with a few different programmes, here are some free ones for you to try, take a look at what each offers and weigh up the pros and cons before making your decision.

1.  Weebly

2.  Wix

3.  Google Sites


Would love a comment to hear how you go!

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